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shipping costs at a glance (Information inclusive vat)

Delivery costs

Shipping group 0Shipping group 1Shipping group 5
Austria23,68 EURAustria5,50 EURAustria178,50 EUR
Belgium23,68 EURBelgium5,50 EURBelgium178,50 EUR
Bulgaria23,68 EURBulgaria5,50 EURBulgaria178,50 EUR
Croatia23,68 EURCroatia5,50 EURCroatia178,50 EUR
Cyprus23,68 EURCyprus5,50 EURCyprus178,50 EUR
Czechia23,68 EURCzechia5,50 EURCzechia178,50 EUR
Denmark23,68 EURDenmark5,50 EURDenmark178,50 EUR
Estonia23,68 EUREstonia5,50 EUREstonia178,50 EUR
Finland23,68 EURFinland5,50 EURFinland178,50 EUR
France23,68 EURFrance5,50 EURFrance178,50 EUR
Germany11,90 EURGermany5,50 EURGermany178,50 EUR
Greece23,68 EURGreece5,50 EURGreece178,50 EUR
Hungary23,68 EURHungary5,50 EURHungary178,50 EUR
Ireland23,68 EURIreland5,50 EURIreland178,50 EUR
Italy23,80 EURItaly5,50 EURItaly178,50 EUR
Latvia23,68 EURLatvia5,50 EURLatvia178,50 EUR
Lithuania23,68 EURLithuania5,50 EURLithuania178,50 EUR
Luxembourg23,68 EURLuxembourg5,50 EURLuxembourg178,50 EUR
Malta23,68 EURMalta5,50 EURMalta178,50 EUR
Netherlands23,68 EURNetherlands5,50 EURNetherlands178,50 EUR
Poland23,68 EURPoland5,50 EURPoland178,50 EUR
Portugal23,68 EURPortugal5,50 EURPortugal178,50 EUR
Romania23,68 EURRomania5,50 EURRomania178,50 EUR
Slovakia23,68 EURSlovakia5,50 EURSlovakia178,50 EUR
Slovenia23,68 EURSlovenia5,50 EURSlovenia178,50 EUR
Spain23,68 EURSpain5,50 EURSpain178,50 EUR
Sweden23,68 EURSweden5,50 EURSweden178,50 EUR

Packets which are beyond the maximum weight or maximum dimensions have to be send by a forwarding company.
If any additional costs occur you will be informed in advance.

Order online, pick up in person
. Our products can also be collected from our premises when ordered online. Simply select pick-up at the checkout in the order process.