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Coming soon: Yealink Meetingboard 65

On : 23. Aug 2022 / In : All

The Yealink Meetingboard 65 combines all the components a video conferencing system needs, from the computing unit, to a 65-inch touchscreen display, to the 4K camera, microphone arrays, speakers, and Microsoft Teams. Only the power cord needs to be connected to start a video conferencing experience of the highest quality. Using the remote management function, control can also be taken over by external users.
Team creativity is in no way stopped by technical hurdles; on the contrary, premium inks, a particularly responsive display, collaborative diagrams and much more boost productivity. In real time, problems are solved, projects planned, ideas collected and immediately captured thanks to Microsoft Whiteboarding.

Of particular note is the powerful 4K camera and AI technology that supports auto framing, speaker tracking and multi-person feeds. The result is an enhanced HD-quality meeting experience for the eyes.

For the ears, 16 MEMS beamforming microphones and six powerful powerful speakers provide a full-duplex HD stereo audio experience. Even in an open room, clear voice transmission is assured, thanks to the independent audio processor and AI-based noise reduction algorithm.

The Yealink Meetingboard 65 comes with either a rolling cart or wall mount, depending on whether it is to be used on the move or permanently installed in a specific room. Limitless, seamless and flexible work- this is what the future looks like!

Delivery is expected in mid-September- reservations are requested.

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