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Digital into the future

On : 10. Aug 2023 / In : All

Things have changed on the training market. In the past, young people had to apply to companies for a training position. Today, companies have to make the most attractive offers possible in order to attract new trainees. The fact is that there are more training places than qualified applicants.

In order to be competitive as a training company or as an employer, various offers are created. First and foremost is the training allowance. But this is not necessarily the decisive factor. Additional incentives such as company health promotion, leased bicycles or the provision of drinks and fruit are intended to positively influence the decision of trainees, but also that of trained personnel.

However, employees who are not spatially bound to the production facilities or workshops on site no longer only pay attention to financial benefits, but also to their work-life balance. That is why employment contracts with flexitime models, the offer of home office or workation (work and vacation = working from a vacation location) are particularly attractive. They allow employees to flexibly organize their working hours at home or even to include work during longer stays abroad.

The basis for such offerings is the Digitization of corporate processes, the provision of all relevant data in a cloud and the use of modern video conferencing technology. For SMEs, the state of NRW is currently offering the funding program godigital funding program and advice from specialist companies.

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