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New in the store: Meeting Owl® 3

On : 29. Nov 2022 / In : All

With the Meeting Owl® 3, the US manufacturer Owl Labs® presents a compact device that combines a 360º premium camera, 8 omnidirectional intelligent microphones and three integrated speakers for 360º - coverage in a modern design. By pairing it with another Meeting Owl®, the audio and video range can be extended by 2.5 meters.

The AI-powered Owl Intelligence™ system focuses on the person speaking based on visual characteristics or voice and motion.

The use of Meeting Owl® is very simple, because only a few minutes pass from unpacking to use. The device is perfect to take with you, as it is very compact and about the size of a thermos flask. Despite the small size, the quality of the picture and sound is excellent. This is essential for smooth conferencing, as nothing is more disruptive to concentration than annoying picture and sound interference.

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