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New in the store: Yealink A10

On : 09. May 2023 / In : All

Yealink's A10 video conferencing system is a device that combines several components: camera, speakers and microphones are housed in the slim and unobtrusive device. The quality of the image and sound transmission is quite impressive. The camera tracks the person speaking and automatically zooms in on them, and annoying background noise such as keyboard clatter or footsteps in the room are suppressed using adaptive AI. The result of this technology is clear sound and sharp images. This device is well-suited for meeting rooms for up to six people as well as for individual offices, so it's also great for home use.

Currently, the A10 series is available both individually and in bundles with accessories.

Another advantage of this system is that it is suitable for both MS Teams and Zoom. If another video conferencing software is to be used, then this can be controlled via a PC, which in this case must be coupled via WPP30.