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Yealing VC880 videoconferencing system

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Manufacturer: Yealink

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Categories: H323/SIP-Systems
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VC880 Designed for ultra-large conference rooms

Supports 24-site HD video conferencing capacity, satisfies multipoint conference needs

Yealink VC880 supports 24-site HD video conferencing capacity and can be divided into 2 virtual meeting rooms (VMR).

With voice activation and video carousel function, the system can automatically change the layout and identify speakers, bringing a more intuitive communication.

The most powerful mutli-camera solution ever

The VC880 multi-camera solution enables up to 9 cameras to work at the same time. You can control each camera seperately, put all cameras in one picture or set certain pictures to larger/full screen.

The deployment is simple. By connecting the VC880 and VCC22 cameras to a PoE switch with ethernet cables you don't need extra power supplies for the CC22 or an extra video matrix.

Supports third-party cameras and video matrix

The VC880 is equipted with a HDMI-input interface (Camera port), supporting third-party cameras or accessing to a video matrix. The screen can be spliced and the layout is switched with the multi-camera screen of the VCC22.

VC880 also supports a sound console system with a RCA audio in/out.

Split-type structure, just one CAT5 network cable to deploy

Yealink VC880 is equipted with a split-type sctructure to meet the deployment requirements for a control room which is seperate from a large conference room.

To minimize cable clutter and lower the costs, we combine three cables (power cord, video cable and control line) into one cable, giving you a clean and tidy work enviroment.

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