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-41% Yealink VC500-Micpod DEMO Video Conference System

Yealink VC500-Micpod DEMO Video Conference System

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ATTENTION Demo system/device - as NEW: Available from 01/2020

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The system is delivered configured. You will also receive a 1 year subscription for our video bridge visionMCU, so that the system can be used immediately with external participants. Furthermore, we provide you with a virtual conference room for 3 months free of charge, so you can exchange information with several participants at the same time.

Manufacturer: Yealink

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Categories: H323/SIP-Systems
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This unit was used as a DEMO device in our offices for a short period of time. The device is in perfect condition and almost like new at a significantly reduced price.

VC500 Micpod

The VC500 delivers a lifelike conferencing experience in small to medium-sized conference rooms.
The wide angle lens captures the conference room at an 83° horizontal angle to ensure that all participants can be seen in the conference room.
Equipped with a 1080P60FPS camera with 5x optical zoom, the VC500 offers a crystal clear image with great contrast.

In contrast to the VC500-phone, the VC500-micpod contains only 2 wireless Micpods, which are directly connected to the VC500 system via DECT technology and can be easily distributed in the room for ideal coverage.

Building the VC500 is easier than ever before. Just mount the VC500 camera plus codec on the flat screen (1-77mm width) and let the cable disappear hiter from the screen. The codec and camera are in the flat top and only the wireless micpods need to be placed on the table to complete the setup and finish your conference room.

Effective Codecs

The VC500 brings efficiency to small to medium sized conference rooms with its high network adaptability. The improved H.265/HEVC codec allows even smaller groups to have 1080P video quality at 512kb/s, which represents a 50% saving.

With its excellent video packet loss recovery technology, the VC500 can compensate up to 30% packet loss, enabling more stable and worry-free communication.

Technical data of the micpod

Yealink Video Conferencing Endpoint

- 1080P/60FPS & 5x optical zoom, 83° wide angle lens
- Two wireless microphones
- H.323/SIP dual protocols, HD video recording on USB storage device
- 2x HDMI-out, 1x HDMI-in and 1x Mini-DP for content

The set consists of VC500 codec, two CPE90 wireless microphones, VCR11 remote control, power cable

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